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Hot Heels Moving Body
Hot Heels Moving Body

Hot Heels Moving Body

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Your Price: $2,995.00
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Part Number: HHMOV2004
The flexible legs have a ground driven stride that actually comes in contact with the ground.  The hips move up and  down in time with the legs. This hip action gives you the visual tool you need to practice your timing correctly.  The Head has realistic movement and release horns. 
 You can dally on these legs!  Comes with a two speed pulley. Pull it at regular speed or change the belt and tow it slow while the legs and hips move faster.   
Just like the CrossFire Model without the “Jen Stick”
Same Hip Action, Head and Legs.
4 year warranty!
Available with Regular Sled (better for pulling with a horse) for $2895

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