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Your Price: $3,695.00
Part Number: HHS2015
Most realistic, durable roping dummy on the market today.  The newly designed legs have a ground driven motion most like a real steer.  The additional hip joint creates a motion that actually leaves clear hoof prints in the dirt like a real steer does.  New sculpted legs, are 2 pieces with knurled surface for a realistic feel in your delivery.  they are 4 inches wider than the original black legs is designed to dally on as hard as you want for years.  Same Great "Jen-Stick" as the regular CrossFire, that kicks your rope out when you are out of time.  The head has realistic movement and release horns.  Comes with a two speed pulley.  Pull it at regular speed or change the belt and tow it slow while the legs kick faster.  4 Year Warranty
Quick Attach is available as an Accessory for $125

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