Over a decade ago a Family in Iowa had a vision of more durable and realistic practice for Team Ropers.
Today Hot Heels is STILL a family owned business,
that is striving to put out most dependable product
on the roping dummy market today.

Hot Heels isn't about gimicks and false advertising.
We have an honest marketing and sales approach.
We are the only Roping Dummy with a
4 year Warranty, because we stand behind our product!

Takes approximately 30 pounds tension to pull it. Pull it with a young horse, ATV or even a riding mower.
Works on any surface, in any area with adequate space to rope in.

Sled design allows quicker corners and less impaction with
free floating 4" runners that trail true to the direction of the tow

Big turf-type tire ALWAYS maintains traction.
Stride simulates the
same distance covered by a steer.

It’s quiet, stable, smooth
and can be used from a dead stop to
gradually increasing into a full boogy, hard corner run as you advance in your skills.

Very little maintenance-leave it outside, give it a shot of grease once in a while

Hops in proportion to the distance covered. This makes you pick up your slack and dally correctly

Legs flex when you dally hard and can be positioned in four different settings.

Legs are covered with a tough material to give a better feel and more natural rope action.

Legs contact the ground, so you have to place a good trap or rope in time with the legs.
No sweeping the bottom strand under out of time.

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