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CrossFire with NEW SPRINGER Hitch
Cushioned adjustable Hitch, Hooks directly to your ATV
elliminating the tow rope, resulting in much shorter
overall length, Even better corners for Small Arenas
Adjustable hitch works on all types of ATV hitches.
The internal springs will soften the hit in the dally.
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OOriginal Standard
The dummy that started it all!
This dummy is still be sold and used over 10 years later.
Has ground driven legs and a bobbing release head.
More options and moving parts than other dummies that are a
similar price.
Can also put a Springer Hitch on this Dummy for $2595.

Moving Body with NEW SPRINGER Hitch


Whole NEW SPRINGER Hitch Sled


use your own ski arms, and skis, just add the new springer hitch.


CrossFire w/ Original Sled
Featuring the "Jen Stick" as seen on
the Jen Stick moves back and forth in time with the legs so that you
can not catch the legs when you are out of time.
New Improved Head and Neck
Less gap and more realistic movement
Also comes with two speed pulleys
This is the Dummy that will challenge you to rope right!

4 Year Warranty! 


Original Moving Body Style
w/ original sled

Most realistic, durable roping dummy on the market today.
The flexible legs have a ground driven stride that actually comes in contact with the ground.
Most roping dummies’ legs do not contact the ground, which allows you to sweep your
rope in out of time. Here at Hot Heels we believe you must practice correctly to make
it to the short round consistently. That is why we have created a a dummy you can not cheat.
The hips move up and down in time with the legs.
This hip action gives you the visual tool you need to practice your timing correctly.
The Hot Heels comes standard with the bobbing release head and legs you can dally on.
New Improved Head and Neck
Less gap and more realistic movement
Also comes with two speed pulleys

Standard body style without hip action still
available for $2495

4 Year Warranty


Attaches to any Hot Heels!
Adjustable bar moves back and forth.
Slide it forward for beginners
or slide it all the way back for a challenge.
You won't be able to rope this out of time!
Turn your Hot Heels into a CrossFire Model. This weld on kit
comes with directions to add this great tool for timing.
The “Jen Stick” will block your shot when you are out of time.

If you want tighter corners and shock absorption
with on your Hot Heels the ShockWave is for you.
Comes with the pipe fitting to connect to the Hot Heels.
Limited Time Only Price.
Instant rebate savings of over $50.00 MSRP $325.00!!


JakeSteer with out Neck Cape
Same great design. We have added Rope O Matic products to our family.
We offer the jakesteer without a cape because,
When you rope correctly your rope only contacts the horn wrap.

1 JakeSteer
Horn Wrap
3 sets of Horns
NEW and improved Grab Handle

JakeSteer comes in 3 colors
Black, Gray or Blue

JakeSteer with Neck Cape
Same great design. We have added Rope O Matic products to our family.
1 JakeSteer
Neck Cape
Horn Wrap
3 sets of Horns
NEW and improved Grab Handle

Adjustable Heading Dummy
Head adjusts to 3 different Heights
Stand Height can be adjusted for roping from the
ground or roping from your horse. Available
with a standard steer head or Hot Heels Release Head

Release Head
Bobs up and down and releases your rope after you dally.

Available with bale spikes for on the ground practicing
Available to fit on
you Hot Heels

for either

Hot Heels Motor Stand

This electric motor allows you to practice in a stationary position with out towing your machine.

Hot Heels Saddle Rack

Along with your Hot Heels this stand lets you practice your swing,
hand position and delivery without your trusty mount.


Flexible Legs
Update your older model Hot Heels that has wooden legs.
These legs have just enough flex to prevent breakage
Flexible legs have been standard on all Hot Heels since 2004!

Update your older model Hot Heels that had a pipe sled
this sled has moveable runners to allow tighter corners
This does not have the springer hitch.
This Sled works best for towing with a horse
but does work with an ATV as well

Calf Dummy
Super Stable Pull Type Calf Dummy
will pop off the sled when you dally. Or
you can tie it down to practice breakaway.

Can be weighted down with sand or water.

Power Drills
Rickey Green & Speed Williams
bring you 1 full action packed hour
of 17 fun drills to perfect your horse position.
Patterns that you can tailor to
improve your horses ability.
Get the most out of your
practice time with these
innovative steps to
improve your game,
From beginners to the pros
For Headers and Heelers alike!

Hitch N Heels
Although we do not sell the Hitch N Heels
We would like to take this opportunity to tell you
what a great design this is.
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