This is probably the greatest investment I have made in roping in years, no need to keep cattle; which makes sense since we are coming out of drought. I can work all three horses in an hour, keep my older, good horse rating properly without having to run her into the ground, working the younger one without blowing his mind on hard running steers all the time. The results speak for themselves. The only down side is I have to increase the parking area to make space for all my NEW roping mates! Suddenly very popular…..

Glen Potter

I've had my machine for about two months and want to thank you for a great product. I can saddle up two horses, hook up the machine, work both of them into a good lather and be unsaddled in a hour, not to mention that the practice is quality runs, not just running down the arena. I figured that at an ordinary, 2 hour long practice on live steers, I may get 6 or 7 good looks at a steer, compared to 15 or 20 in 30 minutes with the Hot Heels. I've owned a heelomatic and don't feel there is even a comparison, first your machine hops in time with how fast you pull it, second you can dally hard if you want to, third the hops are very realistic - if you aren't in time then you miss. I'd rather miss and have to figure out what went wrong than to rope a heelomatic or donkey 20 out of 20 times only to go on to live steers and not see the same results. If anyone is wondering, I've never had the machine tip over in the corner even though we've tried, it's teetered before but just keeps on going. 
Not only am I saving money on cattle, I'msaving time which equals money and I don't have to gather a bunch of headers to come over and play to get a quality practice. It's just a great product, can't imagine not having it around now. Thanks again. 

S.M. Davis - Oklahoma

Hello, I received my new hot heels and within a couple days improved my catch ratio 110%!! After a few days heeling, my 16 year old son who has always been a header was catching far better than I was( God bless the youth). If I had bought a hot heels 2 years ago, I just wonder how good he would be now. I am duly impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their roping skills. My best friend who was a world champion roper at the Paint world in the mid ninties was also equally impressed with the hot heels. He has never been a gadget man but now calls me and wants me to come over and bring it with me! We have a lot of fun and get more practice than we ever could with live steers. He is starting a young rope horse and with only 2 sessions under his belt has made drastic improvement in tracking. Thanks for making a believer out of me with the Hot Heels.

Dale Crites
Aransas Pass, Tx.

Why does the Hot Heels machine work so well in my program? It is simple… no other machine can do the things I do with this machine! Training around 10 young horses a year to be competitive rope horses can be a challenge in itself. Or trying to prepare for Rodeos and jackpots with a limited amount of time, especially when good roping cattle cost $500 plus.

Our training program both for people and horses need something that can be consistent, life like, and easy. That is what we have found with Hot Heels. In 2002 we purchased a machine, and have roped it with well over 100 horses. We have dallied hard, gone slow, gone fast, tried to tip it over, tried to break the legs, and have found only one thing….it is just plain tough! Nothing matches it when you want to start to simulate a run, and get horses to stay in good position. 
Here is what we do with young colts:
1. Get a colt to track the machine. Goal is to have them stay in position where ever it goes. Remember: You can go anywhere. Not just in a circle or only left, but anywhere.
2. Start swinging the rope and tracking. The target here is to get the colt quiet and focused on the job at hand.
3. Start delivering the rope either at the head or heels. This is where the fun begins. In a matter of 2 days we will be making normal runs. This would take up to a month on live cattle, but I have shortened the learning curve by at least 2 weeks.
What to do with a Solid horse:
1. Have your driver mix things up. Faster runs, slower runs, quick corners, etc. This keeps your horse waiting and being consistent.
2. Simulate a real run. Put in front of chute, open the chute, have the header catch it, have driver turn left, and heeler catch it. You will be surprised how fast the horses learn to score when the motor on the 4-wheeler goes faster or when the gate opens. 
3. Dally---Dally hard ---Dally soft(or slip rope), but you can dally on the heels. My heel horses learn from the start to lean against the pressure, and stop more square. This is because we can set up the run better, and we can hold our dallies until the horses understand and respond. Try to do this with expensive cattle.
For the Roper:
1. Both header and heeler can work on this machine. You can even both do it at the same time! With the feet moving and the head going up and down, the steer has a real look. This helps each roper being able to work on “timing” and when to deliver the rope.
2. Consistent practice. There is nothing better for any roper. Being repetitive and consistent can make any numbered roper better.
3. Dallying—Both the header and the heeler can work on this, and at any speed. 
4. If you have a hard time with steers that go left or right, just keep doing it until you develop methods to catch them.
5. Different styles or deliveries. What better way to experiment or video the differences? Find out things that help you CATCH. Remember you can make things the same, so it is consistent.

As you can see there are hundreds of ways to make this machine help you or your horse. It is my belief that there is no better Team Roping device in the industry. I have roped or owned them all. This is the only one I have now, and the only one my Program needs! This machine has helped me train better horses and get bigger results at all levels of my roping. I encourage anyone to challenge another machine as hard as I have done MINE.

Shawn Barnett has roped for over 15 years. Starting his own training business 17 years ago helped him to have trained World Show Finalists, National and Reserve National champions, and multiple Futurity winners. Rodeos have taken most of his time lately where he has been a Badland Circuit finalist, Top 10 CNFR heeler, and has qualified for 7 different Amateur Association finals. He also travels to jackpots like the USTRC roping where he recently won the I-90 #11 Championship and Incentive roping.

We have owned a Heel-o-Matic ....One rainy day (my son) was thumbing through The Spin To Win magazine and saw the advertisement for Hot Heels, he immediately called me and said there is a pull behind roping dummy that you can actually dally on, I said “no way”....we instantly realized the potential of a machine that simulated the actual movement of a steer and being ground driven there were no electrical parts or batteries to worry about and with the ability to take our colts one step farther teaching them to dally and face up before they were stepped up to live cattle. So far so good, Yes, the Hot Heels is the closest thing you could get to live cattle and yes you can dally and that’s great but my question was how long would The Hot Heels last with constant use? .... When I finally got to put my hands on the machine I was impressed, it was built rock solid.... We have owned our Hot Heels for a few months now and the result is our colts are sharper and better prepared and we have become better ropers. This machine was designed and manufactured by team ropers for team ropers, It’s a made in America real thing!
Charlie Giles
Oak Grove, Mo
Hey guys,
Nathan Hough here... I bought a Hot Heels from you this spring... 
The Hot Heels has been great, we use it with the young ropers in our 4-H club and they love it, it was the best choice for us. Kids are able to rope live cattle the first night they try after roping the Hot Heels for a couple weeks, kids are getting hooked on roping. Here's a good example: a young lady (15-16) signed up for Roping this year and she had never been around it she was very good at the show classes and games but her or her horse had never roped, We did a night or 2 of ground work and a night of horse work with the Hot Heels then we roped the Hot Heels as if it were a slow break-a-way calf and increased the speed until a couple nights latter we were putting real calves in the chute. She went 4 for 6 on fast calves the very first night she had ever-roped live cattle. Keep in mind that a few weeks before she had never swung a rope.
Hot heels had taught her how to throw and her horse were to be, the very next time I saw her (couple days latter) she was buying a new roping saddle, she was roping from a games/show saddle-she’s hooked-I'm sure its because the Hot Heels gave her the confidence she needed and we were able to start slow and work up to live cattle and do it right, we could stop bad habits before they started, for the roper and the horse.
I've been able to rope it a bit and we have a blast.
Thank you
Nathan Hough
Bagley MN
We have been able to use the machine a few times. It is an excellent teaching tool. The greatest thing is that my 14 yr old son gets to work with it along with his friends without the danger of live cattle. You have created an excellent tool. If we fail to learn, it will not be due to the machine. 
thanks again 
kent fagan